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Vantage Consulting’s talent pool

Talent Pool Resourcing utilises the best techniques from executive search recruitment and more traditional contingency methods.

Our talent pool resourcing methodology works by creating bespoke pools of candidates based on the criteria and needs of our clients.

We assign an account manager who will work with the business to define the individual needs and typical skill sets. We then build a bespoke area and populate it with the top talent in the geographical area based on the criteria given. Vantage Consulting will constantly update, populate, screen, reference and advertise the requirements to ensure that our clients have the most advanced system and ability to choose the best candidates when the situation arises.

By creating individual talent pools based on our clients needs we are able to deliver top talent more quickly, more effectively, fully referenced and most importantly only supply candidates who can actually fulfil the role technically and culturally.

This method of recruitment has proven hugely successful with organisations conducting large campaigns, project based resourcing and also smaller departments who may only look for 1 or 2 staff members a year but struggle to get the quality they need.

So what are the advantages of utilising Vantage Consulting’s talent pool method?

  • A dedicated account manager and resource team
  • A bespoke database based on your criteria
  • Access to the strongest candidates in the market at that time based on YOUR criteria
  • All candidates are screened and referenced
  • Only candidates with the exact technical and cultural skills required will be added to the pool
  • The Pool is constantly advertised on over 58 national and international sites to insure the coverage of the pool is extensive and up to date
  • The Pool is constantly monitored and kept up to date so we can advise on availability and what they can bring to your business
  • A professional who knows you and your business and is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry
  • Contingency staff management planning

What are the cost associated with this service?

Nothing, until the successful candidate is placed.

How we can afford to compete when offering this service?

In 2012-2013 we proved that when competing with two other recruitment agencies our placement success rate was 84%. This success rate is what allows us to offer this service at no extra cost.
Vantage Consulting are committed to delivering Top Talent to our client in a way that works for them.


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